Absolutely none whatsoever. Do not ask.

Absolutely! All the aspects listed in the services section are what I enjoy. I will enjoy myself whenever I am in control!

You can expect me to be friendly and approachable. We'll have good communication to clarify what you want. I am not just a woman who beats subs. I am here to help fulfil your fantasy and push your boundaries at the same time. I will ensure you are happy before we begin and if you need one, your safe word will be absolute.

Yes, I am fully able to dominate you without leaving marks.

Absolutely not. You will worship me, but not touch me.

Please email me with the details and I will let you know.

No, I am not.

Yes, there is ample, anonymous parking.

No, sorry.

Yes, please email me with details of what you would like.

Devote yourself to me. I am Goddess and Mistress... treat me as such, lavish me with gifts and do exactly what I say, when I say. Nothing more, nothing less.

No, I won’t, I do not like smoking.

Yes, I do. I like writing and emails are no exception.

Of course! I get a real kick out of control.

Contact me as soon as possible. It may be possible to accommodate you, but it may not, either way, it needs to be sorted.

In order for me to fulfil this fantasy, you need to provide me with official I.D. and financial details. Please contact me to arrange this.


Provided that they don’t fall into my ‘don’t do’ list, you should find me fairly accommodating. Mistress often laughs during sessions but is always very understanding and considerate about your choice of fantasy.

Simply a word used by you to halt proceedings during a session. Many subs love to say ‘stop’, but I won’t, unless I hear a safe word. Wordplay is important in a Dom/sub relationship. Safe words are not sexually related and are often words like apple, orange, ketchup, so they cannot be mistaken. You may choose one, or I can.

No. I shall simply be satisfied that I have found your limit. Perhaps next time, we shall go a little further.

That is an understatement. I wonder how many of you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing what you were put on this earth to do? Every morning I wake to it, every evening I sleep to it. It is not just work, it is who I am.

Absolutely 100% real. And if I catch you looking at them without permission, you will be punished.

Enough to know how and not enough to have learnt it all.

Occasionally I shall invite a sub to accompany me to events. This is only for the exceptionally privileged, however and I expect you to be suitably honoured and grateful.